A Trial Date

My name is Ivan Ichesach. But not really, that’s just a crude pseudonym. Very soon I’ll put what I know to the test and go on 50 first dates. Hopefully I’ll beat Cecilia Rose and Bridget Rivers to it. Once again – not their real names.

A trial date isn’t something you’d usually do. And I admit that I felt a bit strange sitting in a restaurant pretend-dating my Mom. I just needed some pointers before the big day.

Turns out a curry is not the best thing to order on a first date. #lesson1. There will be snot. And maybe tears. I’m not saying I cried, but I’m not saying I didn’t. (That’s called a blogtruth, btw. My co-authors will write many, but never admit it)

Armed with this new knowledge I shall now venture forth into that most mysterious realm. The dating circle. If you happen to find yourself a part of this awesome experiment/competition, I’ll see you soon. If not, but you’re reading this, root for me. I’m the only dude. I’m looking forward to many coffees with many kiff people


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