#1. He had a strawberry milkshake.

The great thing about being friends with alternative types is that many of them don’t have Facebook, or seldom check it. Yes, I guess this is me confessing I may have bent the rules slightly with Date #1. We’ve hung out in a group before, and well I knew I could rely on him to ease myself into the challenge.

We decided to see a film. Classical first date activity. Absolute winner, until the movie opened with a naked woman being eaten by a crocodile.

Dating faux pas.

Thank goodness this was only a postmodernist take on the main character’s dream psyche, and the rest of the film continued with the actors fully clothed.

On the whole, it was a rather pleasant experience which ended with his ordering of a strawberry milkshake (real men drink pink drinks, right?!) and trying to convince me that sitting the rain would be fun. Thankfully he was open to persuasion on this point, otherwise I’d be writing this blog post from bed with a bad case of pneumonia.

Right, I’ve dipped my toes in. Now it’s time to take the plunge.

Cecelia Rose.

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