002: You can call me Pheidippides, Reverend Pheidippides

Date number two was set up by the person most likely to talk me up to somebody – my Mom. Okay, so we agreed that she wasn’t technically in my realistic age bracket, but rules were made to be thrown off a bridge. Preferably over the N3.

The date itself made me feel like James Bond’s unmentioned accomplice who didn’t get the memo about the black ties.  It was a formal dinner at the ICC, and a double date with my Mom.  Which brought my nerdemon avatar to level 67!

Anyway, since I wasn’t invited to this event, as myself, I stepped in and impersonated a Reverend who had at the last minute been unable to accompany my (hijacked) date to the event. which is cool, except that I’m not a Reverend, or even that reverent, despite what my nametag said.  A room full of religious and community leaders, and me. Turkish music is cool.

This date was one for the Swiss memory banks



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