#3. I called him old

After playing in the Arcade, it was time to try out another classic date activity. Going to an event and then having a drink.

The event itself was, in a word, lame. It was an exhibition of “art” that people who were definitely not artists had made and then attached little tags to saying things like “R350”. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure if you popped in the exhibition now, they’d have sold nothing.

But back to the date.

We decided that the art had nothing much more to offer us after about 10 minutes and headed for a drink; surprisingly yummy white wine on Florida Road.

The conversation flowed. We had much to talk about. I asked him how old he was and his reply shocked a “that’s old” out of me. Yes, dear reader, I called him old. To get me back he got a little patronising.

All in all, a classic date. Just what was needed.

Cecelia Rose

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2 Responses to #3. I called him old

  1. bridgetrivers says:

    My dearest Cecelia,
    How old is old? Do I need to make an enquirey with the Date-Bet-Commissioner as to the legitimacy of this date?

    With fond love,
    Bridget xx

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