#5 ‘… and they’ve been married for 38 years’.

By nature of embarking on such a challenge in a small town, events such as the one that I am about to describe were inevitable, although I doubt this’ll be the last incident, I didn’t expect it so soon, and so close to home. Literally. I proudly made an announcement to my housemates that I had successfully organised (blind date) #5, the usual enquiries were made, but the replies were met with a series of nervous giggles. And with that I discovered that date #5 was indeed the ex of a beloved housemate. Sussing out that there were no hard feelings, I decided to venture on.


Picked up from home.

Door opened for me.


All guaranteed winners.


After the usual getting-to-know-you, I continued with the increasingly used line of thanks-for-being-a-willing-participant-in-this-absurd-challenge.

And his reply, ‘Ah, it’s all good, my parents met on a blind-date and they’ve been married for 38 years’.

Oh dear.

Blind-date. Marriage. 38 years. Pressure.


Thankfully that was the only line in the otherwise-great date which left me with nothing more than a nervous giggle.

But it has got me thinking about this blog post and sharing some of the responses that we’ve had from those who know us;


My grandparents, thankful that I’m finally dating, have already suggested a few potential suitors.

A couple friends who have been trying to set me up with specific fellas have met me with evil, plotting eyes and remarked, tauntingly, that ‘there’s now no excuse not to go on said date’.

Naturally there are those who think it’s tacky, and not entirely appropriate. To calm your nerves, I did clear it with my boss before hand, and I can assure you it’s all above board.

Then there’s the ‘what if you find THE ONE?’, simple; you lose the challenge.

Some friends have asked to join; of course they’re welcome to… but just not our blog 😛

There have even been those who have asked if I could be a filter for some of the guys that they’re interested in.

While others have simply asked me to ‘keep them in mind.’ Deal – I don’t see why I can’t set my blind dates up on another blind date?


Ivan, Cecelia, have either of you had any interesting responses?


 [please note that I finally been on a date with a South African]

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2 Responses to #5 ‘… and they’ve been married for 38 years’.

  1. Dan Carter says:

    love this 🙂 🙂 i think i should set you up!

    • bridgetrivers says:

      Question is, do you fit the dating criteria seen in ‘the challenge’? If yes, would you be keen to go on a date? 😛

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