#7. His friend was an ass.

#7 was lovely.

We met one morning at the beach front Circus Circus for breakfast and not only did he have great stories to tell, but he was interested in me. What a lovely boy.

Unfortunately, towards the end of our time together two of his friends joined us. Friend #1 I know and he constantly has me in stiches, no problem. Friend #2 was another story.

Friend #2 was cute, with an interesting accent. I asked him questions, he responded monosyllabically and made no effort to reciprocate the effort.

[+5 points for cuteness; -5 points for disinterest]

He obviously knew about the date challenge. Great, I thought, let’s see if he’s interested.

“How much longer are you in Durban for?” I asked

“A week” came the monosyllabic response

“Cool! Wanna go on a date?”

“Only if we split the bill.” [-15 points for being ungracious and rude]


“Get my number from #7.” [-10 points for douchebaggery]

Seriously, Friend #2?! Sitting on -25 points he will not be asked on a date.

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