#7 Sheep Shearing

There are a number of jobs in life that we’ve never really given a lot of thought to. For example, there was a time in my life where I wanted to work at the toll road. The idea of decorating my booth, meeting hundreds of people a day and quickly counting money, held some attraction for me for some obscure reason. Toll road people, tea-pickers and sheep shearers; all jobs we’re indirectly thankful for, but which never receive much of our attention.


A couple things you didn’t know about being a sheep shearer:

1)        It’s seasonal. You shear sheep in summer, meaning you can alternate hemispheres, have endless summer, and travel the globe ‘working’.

2)        There’s some loop hole meaning that you don’t even need a visa to be a paid, foreign sheep shearer in the European countries.

3)        You’re likely to have a tan and big guns (for our international readers, this can also read as, ‘delicious arms’).


And I know because I spent 12 hours in transit with a Sheep Shearing Kiwi (Nationality #7, yes please).  Again, at the airport.

I had seen his ‘Two Oceans, South Africa’ shirt – the wine not the race – in the line a couple people behind me while going through passport control. Aware of the potentially tedious wait ahead of me, I approached. We decided that the free-meal coupon given by Emirates would be ‘the official date’.

McDonalds, 3 o’clock in the morning, ‘looking fresh’. Klassy.



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