As graceful as a giraffe

My first blind date was, well, pretty cool. A game finding mission in the local nature reserve in the company of a rather cool person? Yes please.

Going into the date I was feeling really confident, all I knew was that she wanted to see a zebra, which at this particular reserve I could do blindfolded. In a manner of speaking. Easy stuff, I’ve got this. <—– infamous last words.

First mistake, attempting to take a shortcut I didn't know well. Turn around, be a little embarrassed at getting us lost.
Mistake two: selecting casual shoes, so as not to look too outdoorsy. At the first incline we encountered I slipped and went, face first – with my dignity closely behind in second place -into a thorn bush. "I'm fine! Just checking to see that it's safe for you to come down here…" Giggles were heard. Crap.
Mistake three? Repeating mistake two on numerous occasions. I felt like Mr Steyn from The Gods Must Be Crazy.
On review of the date, I was given the helpful suggestion that I should be more graceful. Agreed. But can you get my feet to do that too, please?

First dates are HARD

On the plus side, we saw zebra, and giraffe. Sweet. And hadeda's. Overall, a good day. Laughter is good for the workload. I mean soul. Gotta go

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