Date Follow Ups

There has been a little date-follow up going on. Well, once off date doesn’t necessarily dictate once off friend <- tempted to write ‘mate’ and make it annoyingly rhymey. I’ve actually kept in pretty good contact with a couple of my datees. So much so that I thought it best to own up to date #1 (read about that date here) and let him know what it was that I’d shneakily included him in…

 Old-school emails went as follows:


Dear Date #1*

I’m back in South Africa, and have had a chance to post link on to my wall. It’s to a blog with a challenge that 3 of us are doing. This isn’t the promised full email, but I wanted you to warn you that you’re in the blog – Bridget Rivers is me, and my blog post #1 is about you. Hope that’s ok?!

I considered limiting your profile, so that the link wouldn’t come up in your newsfeed, but even though I’m not sure if our physical paths will ever cross again, I think our friendship was pretty genuine and so continuing in that spirit, I decided to keep you on the list.

Just so you know… I did try and tell you about the challenge. I’m not sure if you remember the ‘I kissed another guy as challenge to get the girls to kiss each other’ that **** told us? Suppose, this was a little more innocent, so I guess I didn’t want to associate the two.

Anyway, hope that it provides you with entertaining reading.

Thanks for being a good first (unknowing) date…

Hope to chat to you soon

Love Bridget*


*clear name changes going on here


 Hey there dear Bridget*

My goodness, that was a bit of a shock reading your dating experiences. I really enjoyed our what-in-hindsight-turned-out-to-be-a-date, I am feeling very honored to have been your first date. It only makes me wish that I knew that it was a date at the time. Then probably I would have tried telling more jokes and not being all serious all the time. Or if I knew about your 50 dates endeavor, I would have shaved off my beard and introduced myself as ‘Pablo” to be Mr #4. Reading your date stories also left me a bit jealous, wishing that I was an Italian philosopher or an handsome Englishman. How do you like the experience so far? Are you looking forward to 44 more dates, or is it starting to feel like routine?

[Then a whole bunch of stuff not necessary to post in public domain]

I hope you are doing well, lots of love, and hope you win the challenge :)(

Date #1*

[He’s really great, so should anyone be in or around Holland and looking for a blind date – he comes with an outstanding reference 🙂 ]

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3 Responses to Date Follow Ups

  1. ivanichesach says:

    That broke two rules! Tsk Tsk

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