So this week has been a little quiet on the blog front. I for one have been busy frantically trying to get up to speed with my Masters, as well as enduring a number of interviews. It’s been a little daunting as I have to go through 8 just for this round.

Although I must admit, that it’s amazing how useful this challenge has been with the whole process. I’ve approached each interview as if they were blind dates. Easy game now that I’ve had a fair amont of experience. There are a number of obvious similarities – you’re trying to make a good impression, while conversing, one-on-one, with a complete stranger. There are of course a number of differences too – a number of them have been married, older and any hint of flirting may not be considered appropriate.

So gleefully, I’ve headed to each meeting, referring to them with my friends as the usual, ‘dates’.

Today’s went as follows:

Walking into the cafe, some young-ish guy [about the age I was expecting my interviewer, Renato, to be] gestured, catching my attention.

Bridget: Hi 🙂 are you Renato?

Hi, yes. [gestures for me to take take a seat]

So are you here for a blind date?

[nervous giggle while sitting down and a mental, ‘STUFF HOW DOES HE KNOW?!]   Nope, not today.

Well, I’m Raymond.



Are you seriously Raymond?


At that stage I saw someone just beyond me, get up out of their chair, walk over and say, ‘Hi, I’m Renato’.


Because, of course, sitting down at the wrong table is a GRRrrrreat start to an interview.

Luckily, the real Renato had watched the whole thing unfold. Including the point where the dude said ‘yes’ to being the wrong name. That may have been a ‘lets see how well she does in an awkward situation’ part of the interview.

Whatever. I totally handled.

Will post an official date tomorrow.


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