#10 Because it’s always a good idea to wake up at 4:45am?!

Agreeing to watch the sunrise from a viewing spot seems a fantastic ‘student’ (read ‘free’) thing to do, until it’s 4:45 am and your alarm goes off. Why do we always anticipate that we’ll be just as enthusiastic getting up in the dark as we were when making the plans?

Also, this is a first date with someone I’ve never seen before. Why did I think I’d look decent (let alone attractive) at this hour? And then there’s the decision of whether it’s appropriate to revive this face-of-death with make up? And how much make up is too much if it’s 5am and you’re starting the day (we all know what make up at 5am looks like when ending the day)? Aaaah, questions, questions, questions when you should be sleeeeping!

But all well worth it, when as the magnificent sun was rising, I heard my American date say, ‘shhhhh’ softly and point to the wildlife, gesturing for me not to disturb the buck.
As if to complete this picture of true ‘Africa’, the dog’s owner emerged out from the path and continued along his run.

Sunrise breakfast at World’s View; ‘kiff’ start to the day.

PS: It’s not usually advisable to go to a remote location, alone, in the dark, with a stranger, but my friend knew him from Bible study, so it’s ok right?

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