#11 a valley and a dragon

As you can tell, real life has hit the three of us hard. Nearing the end of semester, dating hasn’t been a top priority. This is part of the beauty of the challenge – as long as it averages to one a week for a year, it doesn’t demand constant commitment. Right back to dating stories:

The other day, I had a realisation about expectations that would come with such a challenge, for any girl bold enough to embark on such a challenged is probably expected to be one-hang-of-a-looker. That or a Bridget Jones type character. With that in mind, I was pretty grateful that this next date, I’d atleast been introduced to once before, so there wasn’t any fear false advertising created by hisimagination. The bittersweet of a photo-less blog. Although, let’s be honest, in most situations facebook stalking has probably removed the complete element of surprise at someone’s appearance. [Just for the sake of future dates, I’ve decided to keep them ‘blind’, doing as little prior-investigation as possible].

Date #11 took me in his seriously old-school Landy to Umgeni Valley. Quite an adventure. Breath-taking. I feel a little robbed not having been there before.  The picnic spot along the river banks, at the bottom of the valley was serene. Completely mesmerising being in such an isolated, untouched corner of nature.

I was told that sailing was the alternative date plan, but being a competitive sailor, he only had access to a racing boat which on-board guests are ‘advised to wear a wetsuit and an adult diaper it goes so fast’. – Glad he want with the pleasant picnic!

Chocolate SuperM’s and slabs were held between our feet, and dunked in the ‘refreshing river’ for a while. Thereby, reverting any damage done to the sweet-goodness during the non-air-conditioned car ride on one of Africa’s gloriously sunny days. Genius.

Basically all was hunky dory… until we had to walk back up, out the valley. Thanks to my asthma I sound like a dragon while getting used to the up-hill altitude change.


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2 Responses to #11 a valley and a dragon

  1. C’mon 150’s: your Followers are left waiting for your next installment.

  2. bridgetrivers says:

    Dear Dylan,
    Next post is up, thank you for the prompting.
    Are you free to go on a date? You know, provide some material for the next post?
    Yours truly,

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