#13 Just an average DVD?

Boys you should really invest in mates (and a brother) like date #13 has.

After having agreed to watch a DVD together as the date, we started talking options. A Clockwork Orange was suggested. After consulting my dear friend Wikipedia, my response was something along the lines of, ‘on a scale of A Clockwork Orange to Bambi, I’d say, why don’t we pick something more like Date Night’. [I’m quite punny, I know. But just as a heads up for any future dates – Google your movie choice. A Clockwork Orange is probably not a good one to start with.]

DVDs may seem a pretty standard date night choice, but there was nothing average about this set up: I arrived to find a trail of lights, leading to a lounge-type-vibe set up in the middle of a field across the way from his house. Couch, carpet, big screen, blankets, snacks and possibly 20 extension cords. Amazing.

A perfect summer’s evening after weeks of rain, made full use of and thoroughly enjoyed.

I made reference to finding yourself good mates and a brother, because you can’t carry a couch by yourself. Apparently they’re to be reimbursed with a brought breakfast in the morning.

I am so impressed, and can’t help but feel that should some lad decide he wants to legitimately date me, he’s a poor sod for the date-standard has been set quite high. In fact I was so impressed that when I got home, I made one of my housemates get in the car to go and do a drive-by, in order to get a shneaky look at the set up… Genius!

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2 Responses to #13 Just an average DVD?

  1. ivanichesach says:

    Pete, is that your catchphrase? And I would just like to say that I am totally going to do something even better than this for one of my dates. Pete will say “super awesome” and I will ruin many guys’ futures by making one lucky lady’s standards ridiculously high. Even you, Bridget, will agree that it was better than this. Because challenge, that’s why

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