It hurts.

I definitely lost that bet.  I did attempt to acquire and follow through on a date. And i did actually go on one, but it was far from success.  It went something like this

Get lost on way to Date’s house

Fetch date

Chat about running while we drive to our trail run location

Run out of things to talk about (Im aware of the irony in that figure of speech)

Get lost

Awkwardly get directions over the phone from Dates local friend

Arrive at trail run location, get informed my gate personnel the park is closing

Drive home, via Dates house

That’s a squib if ever I saw one.  I mean, all we had to talk about was whether or not we were going in the right direction. And if you are even a novice at emotional emasculation, you’ll be well aware of the “you’re lost” trick.


Oh well. It’s time to get back onto the rollercoaster I fell off of.  I have a date primed and eager, so I hear.  So if that’s you, I promise we won’t get lost. 

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