The Challenge

A social experiment and friendly bet; a challenge to see who can get to 50 first dates. First.

The rules:


Names of those being dated will be kept anonymous. We won’t rate you.

Can’t be friends on Facebook

We go dutch. We’re students, okay, so everyone pays for themselves. Unless you’re super hot.

A minimum of 30 quality minutes alone must be shared. With a willing, informed participant.

Datees must be single and legitimate options.

Min Age: divided by 2 plus 7. Max Age: minus 7 times 2.

We won’t tell you what number you are.

Evidence of the date must be provided – napkin, snapshot, the bill. You know.

Designated Date-Bet-Commissioner has final authority on any disputes.


One Response to The Challenge

  1. Happy Surfer says:

    I would like to apply for a date – I’m hot good looking and rich – however rules may have to bent to allow for age group, However 30 mins will be too short and i may ;:) be needed for repeated dates.

    Please contact me asap as I am in Deemand.


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